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Fools Gold Country Linedance Duo

Tonight the bottle let me down Free download, Dance by Honkytonk Cliff

Fools Gold


Country / Line dance Duo / Trio


Paul Wright

Paul's musical career began in the "bad hair" days of the '80s at the age of 17, where he played lead guitar and sang in many rock and cabaret bands before deciding to join the country scene 15 years ago with the very talented trio Daytona.   A Liverpool guy through and through, Paul is lead singer / guitarist and track writer for Fools Gold. Recognised and respected in country music circles in the UK and Internationally Paul owns and runs his own recording studio. As well as producing self penned material he has recorded and produced songs for acts such as This is Us / West Virginia / Paul Martin / The Thrillbillies / Haydens Country / Ainsco & Co / Darren Neild / Nashville Rose / The Renegades / Mick Johno / Keith Thornhill / Paul Taylor / The Bar Room Boys and many more. Many of Paul's songs have been covered by other artistes. He is the "engine driver" behind the Fools Gold kicking live sound.


Melissa Gold

Melissa has been singing on stage since the age of 14, she then gained valuable experience when she joined a touring country theatre show when she was 16, Melissa has since been performing solo and duo teaming up with the likes of John Pettifer and Dave Rowland. Melissa is a fantastic replacement for her mum bringing her beautiful vocals and acoustic guitar playing into the act


Dave Rowland (Joins Paul & Debbie to form Fools Gold Trio)

Dave is one of the great UK masters of that strange but beautiful instrument that makes country music so special.. the pedal steel guitar. He was a member of the most successful British country band ever, The Hillsiders. Building on that foundation and national apprecaition of his "make me cry" sounds he has travelled the world playing for many country stars including our country cousins from USA. He is currently a significant member of Charlie Landsborough’s touring band, as well as working with Fools Gold and the Classics.


Current instruments used for our live show includes:

Fender and Gibson Electric Guitars

Martin Yamaha and Takamine Electro Acoustics 


PA and sound equipment includes:

Electro Voice sound system and RCF Digital mixing desks

db and Shure in ear monitoring 

Shure vocal microphones

Line 6 Guitar effects


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